Trace, Modeling, Drawing, Machine design, Machinery parts processing

IDEA Technology Joint Stock Compnay

04 Dec 2017

We consistently deal with various kinds of business from CAD-related works to processing, assembly, installation, and maintenance.

Almost all of our staff, who graduated from top universities in Vietnam such as HCMC University of Technology and HCMC University of Technology and Education, are well-trained young engineers equipped with profound knowledge of machinery and able to use Japanese JIS catalogue to provide assistance and support to our Japanese clients under the Q-C-D standards of high quality (Quality), low-cost service (Cheap), and prompt delivery (Delivery).

Our staff, who can use basically at least 3 types of CAD softwares (some can use at least 5), are not only motivated to work but also to learn.

Not only automatic machines, all FA types, conveying machine, precision automatic machines, labor-saving machines, industrial machines, food processing machines, robot systems…etc…are our main field of expertise, we can also deal with other various related fields.

Our strengths

1. 3D modeling and Barashi (parts removal)
2. Cost-saving (1/3 lower costs compared to Japan's)
3. Strict observance of product quality and delivery time
4. Young dynamic staff (average age of 26)
5. Half are graduated students majoring in mechanical and electronic engineering (Over 90%)
6. Effective communication in Japanese and English
7. Carry out tasks requiring large number of people
8. Can deal not only with design tasks but also with tasks relating to processing, assembly and wiring
9. Strict management of confidential information.

Price and quality

  1/3 cost-saving compared to Japan, 1/2 cost-saving compared to China and Thailand. Strict quality check and proper management.  Our guests can rest assured with the high amount of orders coming from Japanese companies along with our reliable accomplishments.

3D modeling and parts drawings

  Since our staff are young and enthusiastic in learning, they are able to deal with various types of CAD. We are experts in Autocad, Inventor, SolidWorks, and Icad/Sx.
Please do not hesitate to consult us if you have any other suggestions beside those mentioned above.

Business support in Japan

  There are currently 12 staff members getting trained and living in Japan, which makes it possible to receive orders directly in Japan. They can also build a bridge between two countries for the mutual development of both sides after returning back to their home country.

Design and Drawings

1. TRACE, 3D conversion, make drawings from actual objects.
2. Provide support in designing conceptions, assembly drawings, and parts drawings.
3. Assist making electrical drawings, electrical design, control lines and maintenance.
4. Assist designing products, mold design, intensity calculation and analysis.
5. Mechanical parts cutting process, jig and production equipment design.

Mechanical parts processing

VIJA Technology was founded in 2012 (partly invested by IDEA Technology). Its main functions widely range from cutting process, plate working, sheet metal process, casting manufacture to surface treatment, heat treatment equipment assembly… etc…  We also manage delivery date and product quality.  We wholly guarantee our best solution in order to gain our customers’ trust.

<<< Newly introduced machining center in 2006
     MORI SEIKI (ECO MILL 600 V) 5 units

Assembly and Equipment manufacturing

Auto machines, all FA types, conveying machine, precision automatic machines, labor-saving machines, industrial machines, food processing machines, robot systems… etc… are our main field of expertise. We proudly offer our services and products to our customers whose 100% are Japanese.
IDEA Technology Joint Stock Compnay