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For design services, IDEA has the following strengths:

1. Professional engineering designers: 120 full-time and contract positions.
2. Fast turnaround to customer’s requests, and punctuality in service delivery.
3. Competitive pricing: Significant cost reduction for customers.
4. Proficiency in most used and updated programs like AutoCAD, Inventor, SolidWorks, ICAD/SX, BrisCAD, REVIT, PLANT 3D, CREO
5. Wide and various work experiences through 225 global customers (Japan, America, FDI).

IDEA can make samples so that you can evaluate the quality before making decision to order.


Trace 2D/3D drawings

IDEA TECHNOLOGY CORPORATION JSC | Fact-Link Viet NamThe service "Converting 2D/3D data from paper or PDF drawings to CAD data" is an important and effective service in the field of design and engineering. It helps customers convert information from paper drawings or PDF documents into digital data with file extensions: DXF, DWG, STL, STEP, IGES,... via the softwares such as: AutoCAD, Inventor, Solidworks, ICAD/SX,... Easy to manage and use for design, design modification, processing, manufacturing and project management.

Input: Paper drawings, PDF drawings..., required software information, drawing frames, standard symbol library...

Output: CAD data with extensions DXF, DWG, STL, STEP, IGES,... depending on customer requirements.

Convert assembly drawings to machinable drawings

IDEA TECHNOLOGY CORPORATION JSC | Fact-Link Viet NamThis is a service that supports design, from Total Assemby drawings of a machine or equipment into detailed design of small assemblies (Sub-assembly drawings) and Parts machining drawings, so that the manufacturing and assembly process will be more efficient.

・Input: Assembly drawings (2D or 3D), software information, reference drawings, standards (if any)

・Output: Detailed drawings (part drawings, machining drawings)

Machine design and machine design support

IDEA TECHNOLOGY CORPORATION JSC | Fact-Link Viet NamOur "Machine design support" service helps customers modify designs, update new version of the machine effectively. We are committed to helping your company turn ideas and thinkings into reality and Improve the performance of your machine systems.

・Input: Outdated design data, modification requirements, specifications, standards (if any).

・Output: New design data based on customer’s requirements and standards.

Analysis of material structural durability

IDEA TECHNOLOGY CORPORATION JSC | Fact-Link Viet NamWe also support your company analyze the bearing capacity and durability of structures and parts, so that your company can come up with solutions, edit, and change the structure to suit your company’s machine design to ensure its stability and long-term use.

・Input: 2D/3D model, material information, load/working characteristics, other parameters (if any)

・Output: Analyze and provide reports on structure, durability, and other information as required

3D animation

IDEA TECHNOLOGY CORPORATION JSC | Fact-Link Viet NamAfter supporting customers in designing 3D models and products, if needed or requested, we will support making motion models and 3D animations in order to let your company has a better understanding of the machine’s operating mechanism. The video will be used for educational/training purposes, customer introduction, etc.

・Input: PDF drawings, paper drawings, technical specifications, 3D design files.

・Output: 3D files of objects, products, details or machines and equipments.

Sheet metal design

IDEA TECHNOLOGY CORPORATION JSC | Fact-Link Viet NamWe have many years of experience and knowledge related to sheet metal to help your company design and advise on tasks such as: Size and shape, Material, Thickness, Machining, Surface treatment, etc.

・Input: Machining drawings (PDF or CAD), machining standards (Bending coefficient, bending machine parameters, material standards...)

・Output: Sheet metal processing data.

Complex 3D models design

IDEA TECHNOLOGY CORPORATION JSC | Fact-Link Viet NamWe support customers in designing products and 3D models with extremely high difficulty that other design companies cannot handle.

・Input: PDF drawings, technical requirements, specifications (If any).

・Output: Highly complex 3D drawings.

Other designs

IDEA TECHNOLOGY CORPORATION JSC | Fact-Link Viet NamIn addition, we also design Plant/Construction, PCB, and other designs according to customer requirements.
Please contact and inform us your needs.
Machine design
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