Design, manufacturing and installation of industrial machinery and equipment.

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Manufacturing Products

With the experience and the ability to produce, manufacture and installation of us, we believe that we can meets the manufacturing of mechanical components from simple to complex requests of customers.

Roller Conveyors

Chain Conveyor System

Chain Conveyor

Coil transfer car

● The coil car roll is used to move objects like cylinder coil, hot rolled steel, aluminum and paper roll coil, etc., from one place to another in the factory, it can move on concrete road or ground, and it can also move on cement floor.

● Load capacity ranges between 1-100 tonnes or can be designed according to the specific needs of customers.


● The C-Hooks are designed to lift and transfer wire coils, sheet metal in rolls, etc…
We take orders from customers to manufacture all kinds С-Hooks with weight requests of customers from 1 ton to 30 tons.

● Every C-Hook is manufactured to the highest safety standards tailored specifically for its intended application. Our C-Hook comply with all the different requirements of the standards covering calculations, manufacturing and testing.
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Lift Tables

● Available Capacity: 500 – 5000kgs
● Lifting Speed: As Per Customer Requirement
● Lifting height: As Per Customer Requirement
● Table lifter frame: As Per Customer Requirement

The roller

Waste lines

Cranes rotation


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Manufacturing Products
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