The company specializes in CNC milling, CNC lathing and Jig making

Ichi Viet Nam Supporting Industry Co.,Jsc


Ichi Vietnam is ready to meet all the CNC machining needs of customers. We accept orders from 1 unit, meet the schedule, serve 24/7

ICHI Vietnam, in addition to receiving large CNC machining, we also support single CNC machining service. We provide CNC machining services with orders from one product to mass production.

With extremely high accuracy (tolerance of 0.005 mm) we can fully meet the stringent requirements of customers from price, processing time or product quality. Customers can be assured of the quality of our CNC machining services.

If you can not design Corel Draw, AutoCad ... we also support drawing for you for free. Whether it is a 2D or 3D drawing we can meet the needs, what you need is to provide us the sample.

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CNC Milling

CNC machining programme with milling orders
Tool and jig design
CNC operation
CNC machine’s maintenance

Product rolling & drilling

CNC Lathing

CNC machining programme with lathing orders
Tool and jig design
CNC lathe’s operation
CNC lathe’s maintenance

Turret punching of products

Turret punching of wire strips, epoxy plastic

Drawing’s design, research

Receive designing order. Optimize design Establish procedures, instructions, descriptions and communication for the manufacturing facilities

Product Inspection

- Inspect the quality of semi-finished products after each manufacturing stage to move to the next one.
- Inspect and propose methods to classify product’s quality and get rid of defective products
CNC machining service