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Working Application: Automate virtually anything

When we say UR robot arms can automate virtually anything, we mean virtually anything; from assembly to painting, from screw-driving to labeling, from packing to polishing, from injection molding to welding, and whatever other processing task you can think of.Thanks to the flexibility of the UR family, our robot arms are economically viable for even small-batch and mixed-product assembly.

Pick and place

Automotive&Subcontractors, Food&Agriculture, Furniture&Equipment, Metal&Machining
Add value to your production by automating repetitive pick and place tasks with a Pick And Place robot from UR

Injection molding

Related industries:Plastic and polymers, Pharma and chemistry
Gain a rapid and accurate handling of injection molds for prototyping and short-run manufacturing with Collaborative Robots.


Related Industries: Automotive&Subcontractors, Metal&Machining, Plastic& Polymers
Maximize efficiency on your cnc machine, increase quality, optimize production, and improve performance.

Packaging and palletizing

Related Industries: Food & Agriculture, Electronics & Technology, Pharma & Chemis
Ensure that your deliveries are always correctly counted and packed to the strictest standards.

Quality inspection

Related Industries: Automotive & Subcontractors, Food & Agriculture, Metal &Machining
Increase your consistency and maintain high levels of product quality


Related Industries: Automotive and Subcontractors, Metal and Machining
A collaborative robot arm from universal robots can reduce assembly times, increase production speed, and improve quality


Related Industries: Automotive&Subcontractors, Furniture&Equipment, Metal&Machining
Apply the right force in polishing and buffing applications with collaborative robot arms

Machine tending

Related Industries:Automotive&Subcontractors, Furniture&Equipment, Plastic&Ploymers
Our robotic arms can be used for many machine tending applications

Screw driving

Related Industries : Automotive and Subcontractors, Plastic and Polymers
Add precision and consistency to your screw driving and tightening applications with collaborative robots

Lab analysis and testing

Related industries: Scientific and research
Automate demanding research projects in laboratories that require flexibility, efficient use of space, and seamless integration of lab peripherals

Gluing, dispensing, and welding

Related Industries: Furniture and Equipment, Metal and Machining
Reduce waste and increase accuracy by using a universal robot for gluing, dispensing, and welding applications
Working Application