Production of components and spare parts of motorcycles, automobiles...

JAT Autoparts and Industrial Equipments Production JSC


Our main production line


Pressing lines 56 units

  20-200 tons with 8 roundabout pressing machines
2 sets of automatic feeders
Oruteam of experienced staff ready to meet the requirements of the customers, even the most cross-grained customers

Welding line

  6 Tig Welding
18 MIG Welding
16 Spot Welding
Our phase of welding technique always produces and brings to the market qualified products that customers set out and can be rival in domestic and international markets.

Machining line

  12 CNC machines
18 sanga lathe
20 Hydraulic lathe
Beside we have tube bending machine, head tube mink machine, wire cutting machine, sawing machine, band sawing machine, milling machine, drilling, taro, grinding machine..

Main product

・Motorbike parts, Auto parts
・Industrial equipments
・Other mechanical parts

Main Technology

・Cold Stamping
・Hot Forging
・Welding section ( TIG, MIG, MAG), Spot welding
・CNC lathe, Sanga lathe, Hydraulic lathe
・Tube bending & Head tube mink

ISO 9001 / 14001 Certification

Provide products and services with high quality to better satisfy the needs of customers, ready to meet the diverse requirements of products to satisfy them more efficiently than competitors but do not prejudice to the interests of these customers and the society.

Now we are aiming to apply for TS16949.
JAT Autoparts and Industrial Equipments Manufacturing JSC