Roll Forming sheet metal processing, long, short, hole processing, complex shapes



Toward the future of roll forming.

Roll forming technology processes straight-shaped materials into flexible cross sections and product lengths. No matter what kind of material, thickness, product length, etc. In recent years, consideration for the quality and productivity of machined parts has become more and more sophisticated due to increased production due to diversification of designs and globalization and consideration for the environment.
Chubu Engineering Vietnam will make use of its technology and experience for about half a century to provide excellent products that meet these needs.

Strengths of Chubu Engineering Vietnamrn


About half a century of experience and technology

  Since its founding in 1968, the parent company Chubu Engineering has been supporting the world-famous Japanese automobile industry by planning and developing production facilities for metal body parts, the key to automotive parts, through industry-leading plastic processing technology. Utilizing this technology and experience, Chubu Engineering Vietnam provides high-standard technology.  

Japanese quality

  Since Japanese who have experience in roll forming is in Chubu Engineering Vietnam, we will respond carefully to each case. We offer the same high quality products as in Japan in Vietnam.  

In-house production of molding machines and molds

  Since Chubu Engineering's production bases in Japan and China design and produce roll forming machines and molds in-house, we can supply stable products at low cost.  

Roll forming technology, product examples

Roll forming is a method of bending by passing metal between circular dies. We process straight shaped materials into free cross sections and product lengths. No matter what kind of material, thickness, product length, etc.

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Production capacity

The roll forming machine is the heart of roll forming. Various types of cross-section molding can be performed by replacing the mold attached to the molding machine. The number of molding steps will be changed depending on the product desired by the customer.

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