Manufacture and Sales of the Mesh pallets and Transit trolley in Vietnam.

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Mesh Pallet

●Storage management
Uniform specification, reliable storage, visible inventory, easy to separate inventory into small stockings to avoid confusion or clutters.

●Easy to use
A long-lasting product that is easy and safe to use in many different ways.

●Reliable & durable
A reliable structure with a strong and durable steel bar soldering. The stability of the product is reinforced by a U-shaped metal and a distinctive rack, which is perfect for fast-paced environment, making if the most effectiove ank effective tool in the manufacturing industry.

★★ Easy to operate ★★

●Assembles simply.  
●Takes in and puts away easliy.

★★ Saving storage space ★★

●Sapce saver
With the help of loaders, lifters, and cranes, the warehouse cage can be easily stored up to four levels high. When not in use, the warehouse cage could be folded and stored, taking up just 20% of its orginal size.

●Reliable & durable
From raw materials entering the warehouse to finished goods going out to customers; it could be easily used during the transition process. The warehouse cage could reduce product damages and minimize labor costs.

★★ Type and Size ★★

★★ Usage ★★

We have obtained very good evaluation that our mesh palette can use in various places regardless of a use type of industry.
Please do not hesitate to ask consultation the mesh palette.

Mesh Pallet
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