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Clothes moisture-proof paper

SKU : #187

Moisture-proof paper, also known as pelure paper,  is used for packaging and moisture-proof for products in the garment industry, leather shoes and packaging of high-end products.

Kinds of Moisture-proof paper that we supplying:

- Moisture-proof paper made in Vietnam: thickness 30 gsm

-  Moisture-proof paper made in China: thickness 18 gsm and 30 gsm

-  Moisture-proof paper made in  Thailand: thickness 30 gsm

-  Moisture-proof paper made in Japan: thickness 17 gsm and 32 gsm


Standard size:  79 x 109 cm  with Vietnamese paper and 75x 105 cm with import paper.


Customized on customers' specific requirements


Packing for clothing, shoes, leather, handwear, cosmetic, hang bag, craft gifts, wine, fruit and so on.

Stock in VietNam : Available

- Company name and Link to company :
- Address :
6th Floor, Cotana Building, Linh Dam Peninsula, Hoang Liet, Hoang Mai
- Business description :
1. Manufacturing & sales:
- Protective and packaging material for cargo secrure
- Anti-mold material
- Packaging Equipment
- Plastic products

2. Providing:
- Logistic solutions
- Anti - corrosion solutions
- Product :
▶ IMPACT AND HANDLING: Container Dunnage Airbag, Air cushion bag, Composite Cargo Strap, Shock Indicator, Tilt Indicator, PET strap, PP strap, Pallet rubber band, Cardboard Edge Protectors, Strapping Wire Buckle
▶ MOISTURE & MOLD TREATMENT: White Silicagel, Activated Clay Desiccant, Container Desiccant, Oxygen Absorber, Micro-Pak Sticker
▶ VCI - ANTI CORROSION: VCI packaging film, VCI Paper, VCI power
▶ LOGISTICS PACKAGING: Plastic Tray, ESD Shielding Bag, PE bags, PE Foam Packing bags, PE Stretch Film, Garment accessories
▶ PACKAGING EQUIPMENT: Air cushion machine AMS, Air cushion machine AMSP