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Son Tung Maritime Engineering Service & Trading Co.,Ltd
Design, assembling, machining tools and precision mechanical parts

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Dac Loc Co., Ltd
Machining and manufacturing Steel production

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Quoc Hung TST Co.,Ltd
Quoc Hưng specializes in all kinds of mechanical and automatics

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NAKANO PRECISION CO.,LTD.(Production plant)

Tinh Nguyen Hao Co.,Ltd
Specialized in precision mechanical machining

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VNJ Precision Mechanics Co.,Jsc
Specializing in the design and manufacture of precision mechanical and mechanical

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Phuong Ngan CNC Mechanics Co.,Ltd
Chuyên Gia công, chế tạo chi tiết, phụ tùng máy công cụ, Máy đóng gói...

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MEKAMIC Construction & Industrial Equipment Co.,Jsc
Fabrication of mechanical engineering, including: precision machining

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Mechanics, machine parts production

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Specializes in manufacturing and supplying electric wire and cable used in civil

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Vietnam Automation And Technical Industries Jsc
Specializing in the manufacture and mechanical high precision products.

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Vinh Hao Technology Equipment Co.,Ltd

Tran Hung Dao Co.,Ltd
Fabrication and manufacture of water pump motors, tractors

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Son Linh Trading Co.,Jsc
Supply hot dipped galvanized service system

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