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Sourcing / OEM Support in Vietnam

Utilizing our factory network in Vietnam with more than 3000+, we will support your sourcing / OEM plan in Vietnam for free.

The field we can support: Mold making, Surface treatment (plating, painting), Metal part processing (pressing, sheet metal processing, casting, die casting, etc.), resin molding (plastic injection molding, extrusion molding, etc.), Rubber molding, Assembly etc.

Please let us know your specific sourcing demand with drawings and quantities.

Please contact us by email info@fact-link.com.vn or submit the inquiry form.

In recent years, we have received an increasing number of inquiries about Sourcing/OEM in Vietnam in order to respond to the increase in production costs at overseas consignees and to diversify the supply chain. However, there is a problem that information is limited when searching for suitable contractors remotely from overseas. In particular, approaching local companies is somewhat difficult due to differences in language and commercial distribution.

FACT LINK VIETNAM will assist your company in selecting a subcontractor by utilizing its experience and network of 3000+ companies and more than 15 years experience in Vietnam.

Various types of processing such as mold making, surface treatment, metal parts processing, and resin molding are covered.

We will introduce a wide range of processing companies that meet your needs, not only Japanese companies, but also local companies and foreign companies.

Please let us know your company’s wishes such as drawings and planned quantities. For specific requests, prices, etc., please contact us by email info@fact-link.com.vn or the form.
Sourcing / OEM Support in Vietnam