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Environment, Ecology, Water treatment

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Analmec Company Limited
Create the life good

Hoan Xanh Corp
Specializing machining machinery, supply equipment and material for water sector.

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Bktech Industrial Equipment Co.,Ltd
Compressor Supplies, Pneumatic Equipment, Air Conditioners, Industrial Water Machine

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Ha Thanh Technology & Environment Co.,Jsc
Manufacturing, environmental equipment business and auxiliary equipment industry

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Ha Thong Co.,Jsc
Pressure equipment , tank fabrication of low temperature liquefied gas

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Sao Viet Environmental Joint Stock Company
Industrial waste - hazardous waste treatment, Waste water treatment, Trading scrap

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Viet Nam Industrial Investment & Trade Co.,Ltd
Energy industry, the construction development of ancillary mechanical engineering

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Dai Duong Xanh Co.,Ltd
Supply water equipment for many agencies throughout the country

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Ozone Co.,Jsc
Production and supply of ozone machinery and equipment

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Hoan My Trading Co.,Ltd
Specialized in supplying quality cleanroom equipment and supplies

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Hung Viet Co.,Jsc
Production machinery, clean equipment

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ATZ Viet Nam Trading Co.,Ltd
Trading in clean room supplies

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An Hoa Trading Development Investment Co.,Ltd
Provision, warranty and maintenance of scientific and technical equipment

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