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KOBELCO Oil Flooded Compressors KOBELION VS/AG series (Premium class)

SKU : #22

Kobelion is derived from the combination of Kobe Steel Group's trademark "Kobelco" and "Lion".
We select the king of all animals-the lion, as the series name, because we can provide customers with the newest choices and get their trust.
Proven high reliability isn't a transient glory, but a permanent value beyond era and nations. It represents various beginnings of the prelude to the ballrooms.

VS-Inverter type:
AG-Fixed speed type:

Stock in VietNam : Unavailable

- Company name and Link to company :
Kobelco Compressors Vietnam Co.,Ltd
- Address :
#45 Lam Ha, Bo De, Long Bien
- Business description :

・ Sales of air compressors (Energy saving compressor), heat pumps and related equipment
・ After-sales service
・ Energy saving, improvement proposal

- Product :

・ Air compressor
・ Air dryer
・ Air filter
・ Air tank
・ Heat pump
・ Other air systems in general