Rubber parts for automobiles,motorcycles,mobile phones, OA rubber rollers



Katecs Co.,Ltd Introduction

Based on the network of information that is available all over the world, we meet various needs such as timely product supply, research/development of new product by us acting as a proposal-based trading company, and processes from mechanism design or manufacturing to sales based on detailed consultations.

What Katecs gives emphasis to is consulting. We thoroughly understand customer requests and utilize our high ability to make proposals using our global network to support overall processes for product completion.

Information device components

Roller components
We can provide in variations such as transportation-related components/process-related components and generic rollers.

Rubber components
Our in-house production in overseas plants makes it possible to provide the same quality as ones produced domestically and products that are low cost. Also, by working with major manufacturers, we are able to propose/provide environmental-friendly products that use recyclable rubber.

Resin-formed products
2-color molding, gas injection molding. In addition, it is possible to quickly respond to short-term development schedule being requested by utilizing our metal-mold design and Production Department within the in-house plants.

Package products
Assembly at our overseas plants make it possible to deliver package products that realizes short turnaround & low cost.

Collaboration with customers/flow of commercial product development

● Market research
Using our sales network all over the country to understand a market trend/information/needs of the times.

●Seeds development
Our Engineering Department conducts a new material/technology seeds development.
Katecs Co.,Ltd Introduction
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