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For further consultancy, please contact:
• Business Service Department - Long Hau Corporation (LHC)
• Mobile: 0818 9999 00
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Long Hau Corporation | Fact-Link Viet NamWith our experienced and professional staff in the field of industrial real estate, LHC consults and provides valuable information about the market which help investors save time searching for locations to make decisions and bring high efficiency for investment projects.
Content of investment advisory:
• Providing information of industrial zones, factories for lease in Long An, Ho Chi Minh City, Binh Duong, Dong Nai and Da Nang.
• Consulting and evaluating appropriate investment locations
Consulting fee: 100% free


Long Hau Corporation | Fact-Link Viet NamLHC is proud to bring investors optimal experience and services in the legal field, from investment preparation - project approval to operation and production.
Services include:
• Establishing a business
• Foreign investment
• License
• Change of license
• Other services

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Long Hau Corporation | Fact-Link Viet NamLHC provides comprehensive services in the field of environmental protection for businesses.

Types of environmental records that businesses must follow: Click here for details


Long Hau Corporation | Fact-Link Viet NamLHC advises on flexible design solutions matching investors' plans and in harmony with the environment.
LHC combines getting construction permits with short time, ensuring project progress for the investor.
Process of services:
1. Consultancy of workshop design
After receiving the workshop design request from customers, LHC will give direct consultation with the most optimal design solution:
• Signing a design contract after the two parties agreed on the solution and quote.
• Making design drawings, cost estimation and implementation schedule.
2. Construction permit
• Sign the contract
• LHC prepares application file for workshop construction
• Support customers translation, notarization of relevant documents.
• LHC submits permission application form at construction department on behalf of customers.
• Track records, notify results.
• Receive construction permits and hand over to customers


Long Hau Corporation | Fact-Link Viet NamGround preparation is an important step before construction. The standard ground site will minimize risks and well support for construction work.
Typically, the construction contractor will undertake this job perfectly without much investors' concern. Therefore, choosing a reputable leveling construction firm will help businesses feel secured.
Why LHC services?
• Quick construction time, within 2-3 weeks
• Competitive and reasonable cost.


The method of pressing concrete piles is to use a hydraulic press with a large counterweight load to be able to put into the ground of construction without causing any external noise. At the same time, it does not affect the surrounding construction works.
LHC has strong experience in the implementation of pile construction works for many factory projects in Long Hau Industrial Park. Cooperation and partnership with prestigious contractorsis also the priority and choice of LHC
Services include:
• Pressing concrete piles for industrial projects
• Pressing concrete piles of residential houses and villas based on investor's demand.
• Pressing concrete piles of civil construction works
• Pressing concrete piles with self-propelled robots
• Pressing concrete piles to prevent cracking and subsidence of works
• Pressing concrete piles using hydraulic presses
• Piling without using 3-phase anchors
• Construction of foundations
• Pile construction

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Currently, the connection of technical infrastructure (electricity, water supply, waste water, rainwater) to the technical infrastructure system of Long Hau Industrial Park is carried out on the land managed by LHC in accordance with the regulations of Long Hau Industrial Park.
In order to support customers in making proper connection, saving cost and supervision time, ensuring the quality checking and acceptance process, LHC deploys slab construction service.
We are committed:
• The connection of infrastructure is in accordance with the regulations of the Industrial Park;
• Clients are supported all the documents with related parties;
• Ensuring quality and progress of works;
• Competitive and reasonable cost


Long Hau Corporation | Fact-Link Viet NamM&E stands for Mechanical & Electrical
The M&E system is divided into four main categories:
1. Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning, referred to as HVAC)
2. Plumbing & Sanitary, referred to as P&S
3. Electrical Part
4. Fire alarm & Fire fighting system.
Services provided by LHC include:
• Power system
• Mechanical system

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Long Hau Corporation | Fact-Link Viet NamThe demand of construction of factories, warehouses... is significantly increased from domestic and foreign enterprises to meet the needs of production and storage of goods.The factory design needs to be fitted to business needs and bring the highest efficiency.
Long Hau Corporation has built many factories for tenants in Long Hau Industrial Park. We are committed to providing optimal solutions for investors in Long Hau Industrial Park in particular and customers outside Long Hau Industrial Park in general.

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Services include:
• Re-surveying the entire area of ​​the workshop that needs repairing;
• Redesigning factory interior according to customers' quality standards or available models;
• Dismantling, removing unnecessary things (if any);
• Redistribute working space by plasterboard, or wooden wall, aluminum wall, glass wall... depending on the design and requirements of customers;
• Recoating paint color according to designs and available samples;
• Re-plastering tiles or parquet floors in accordance with the design;
• Arranging lighting systems, network cables, air conditioners, projectors, CCTV, factory systems ...

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Long Hau Corporation | Fact-Link Viet NamUnderstanding that human factor is the most important competitive advantage of the enterprise, LHC provides high quality recruitment and training services for businesses inside and outside the Industrial Park based on an understanding of the labor market. and local labor resources.
Labor supply services:
• Supply labor at the request of the business.
• Advice on labor policies.
• Research, collect and provide information on the labor market (labor recruitment needs, employment needs, labor standards, wages and salary)
Training activities:
• Organizing, cooperating to organize short-term training courses about soft skills, fostering professional knowledge ...
• Compulsory training programs according to regulations and business needs.

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Long Hau Corporation | Fact-Link Viet NamDragon drinking water is manufactured with modern process by advanced technology of the United States, in accordance with the standard of bottled water TCVN 6096: 2010.
• Bottle: 330ml - 1 carton of 24 bottles
• Bottle: 500ml - 1 carton of 24 bottles
• Can: 19L
Policies for new customers (applicable to customers operating in Long Hau Industrial Park)
• Free 5 cans 19L + 1 carton of 24 bottles 330ml
• Free shipping fee within Long Hau Industrial Park & ​​surrounding areas with radius <6km
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Water supply via R.O system
LHC has applied RO water filtration systems in workshops for tenants who are operating in Long Hau Industrial Park. The purpose is to reduce the load of excessive use of plastic bottles, plastic covers, reducing plastic waste into the environment.
Economical drinking water price for businenesses.


Long Hau Corporation | Fact-Link Viet Nam1. Office and space for rent from 30 - 3000m2
2. Meeting rooms and halls for rent:
• Modern equipment, clean and airy space.
• For meeting with partners, organizing training courses with the participation of 10 to 200 people.
• LHC has 03 meeting rooms with the capacity to serve 30 people, 2 halls accommodateing up to 200 people
Why LHC services?
• Prepare and arrange seats as needed
• All-inclusive services including drinks, flowers, fresh fruits, and teabreak
• Full equipment including projectors, screens, writing boards, microphones, and audio


Logistics helps solve both inputs and outputs for businesses effectively, optimizing the process of transporting raw materials, goods and services ... while reducing costs, increasing competitiveness.
LHC's services are committed to meeting the needs of businesses, helping products and goods reach right customers.
• Logistics services for export - import goods
• Service of distributing domestic, imported and exported goods.
• Shipping services
• General warehouse / bonded warehouse

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Taking advantages of legal knowledge understanding, expertise in the environment, business locations, and relevant management agencies, LHC provides trade promotion services including:
• Becoming a first-class agent / broker / product introduction of the business to interested customers / partners;
• Providing service on goods samples, searching for goods, suppliers of goods, raw materials and fuels;
• Providing partner search services for investment cooperation;
• Providing negotiation services with partners, suppliers, and customers on issues within the scope of authorization of investors;
• Organizing media events, exhibitions, promoting the image of goods, services and businesses of investors;
• Connecting the process of business investment;
• Promote, seek opportunities to buy and sell different goods and services of the business;
• Other trade promotion services...


• Solar power
• Petrol, gas
• Long Hau electricity supply
Business Services
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