Motorcycle parts, Stamping parts, Metal parts Press mold.

OKURA Co.,Ltd.

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Break Parts, Stationery Press Parts, Motor press parts, Clear-room Parts, Progressive Dies, Jins Supply with High Quality Low Cost products.

The materials and production technology are reliable and guaranty the quality.

We can provide services from press die, press and sheet metal processing, and machining to design, prototype and mass production

Okura supply the process of Metal sheet by press Break, Progressive Dies, Stamping parts, we do the suitable design according to the quantity required to get the competitive products.

The strong points of Okura



  Equipping automation lines with modern robotic arms to improve productivity and product quality  

In-house integrated production

  Due to the in-house integrated equipments, we can realize the cost-reduction and high-quality.

Quality control

  For the quality control, we follow “5S” system, to supply our custom high quality products.
OKURA Co.,Ltd. | Fact-Link Viet Nam


Applying automation technology in production brings significant benefits: Significantly increased production productivity. From this process, machines operate 24/24 hours without having to have rest time or mid-shift time like using workers. Furthermore, the operating speed of automatic lines is many times faster than manual human operations. Improve product quality. When using automatic equipment in the production process, all product parameters will be pre-programmed, so the finished product always has high accuracy and low defect rate. Automation helps significantly reduce human-related product errors.
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Press & Metal Process

We are not only in metal material, but also in Stainless, Brass, and Aluminum

OKURA Co.,Ltd. | Fact-Link Viet Nam

Die design and production

From design to complete the die, we do in house.

We can meet customers order from design to completion consistently and realize the cost-reduction. Moreover we can design and make from prototype dies to precision dies depending on the custom budget or purpose.

If you have any required, please contact with us for more details.
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