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JUKI Group has 14 manufacturing bases in Japan and overseas, and manufactures parts and products for main products such as industrial and household sewing machines and electronic component mounting machines.

JUKI VIETNAM was founded in Tan Thuan Export Procession Zone in 1995 and has more than 20 years of production experience. We operate as a one-stop company for precision casting (lost wax), machining, heat treatment, surface treatment, assembly, inspection and manufacturing.

From prototypes to mass production, we make new proposals while listening to customer needs. Please feel free to contact us!

Services of JUKI VIETNAM

JUKI VIETNAM CO.,LTD | Fact-Link Viet Nam

Precision Casting (Lost Wax)

JUKI VIETNAM has the largest lost wax (precision casting) equipment and system in Vietnam. We make our own molds and process lost wax products such as iron and stainless steel. See details here
JUKI VIETNAM CO.,LTD | Fact-Link Viet Nam

Heat treatment / Surface treatment

JUKI VIETNAM can perform a wide range of heat treatment and surface treatment. For heat treatment, we have facilities such as vacuum heat treatment furnace, carburizing / carbonitriding and quenching furnace, and recoal annealing furnace. Surface treatment is possible with black dyeing, DLC coating and chromium nitride (CrN). See details here
JUKI VIETNAM CO.,LTD | Fact-Link Viet Nam

Machining / assembly / inspection

JUKI VIETNAM supports machining from small lots. We are fully equipped with the main equipment such as machining center, NC lathe, plane polishing machine, inner diameter polishing machine, wire cut, honing machine, broaching machine, etc., and can respond to various needs. See details here