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  • List of Company looking for partners, distributors and subcontractors in VN (2020)
List of Company looking for partners, distributors and subcontractors in VN (2020)
This is the list of companies looking for partners, distributors and subcontractors in Vietnam. . If you want to be listed here, please contact us at info@fact-link.com

[2020/02/27 Update]
●Company name:Sports City International – Vietnam
●Requirement:Looking for machinery and equipment for constructing and installing the factory.
●Reference documents :こちら
●Contact:Mr. Pi Nguyen (Tel: 0916874102 / Email: pi.nguyen@sportscity.com.vn)

●Company name:Osawa Vietnam Co., Ltd.
●Requirement:Looking for the Elastomer Gasket processing company on demand. Application: hose and gasket inside watering can
●Reference documents :こちら
●Contact:Mr. Phương (Tel:965196892 / Email: phuong_tran@boll.co.jp)

[2019/10/25 Update]
●Requirement:Looking for a Vietnamese company who can produce paper bag laminated and export to Japan.

[2019/10/10 Update]
●Company name:TSUCHIYA TSCO (VIETNAM) Co., Ltd
●Requirement:Die-cut mold made from MDF wood & foams
●Reference documents:こちら
●Contact:LÂM GIA THÁI  Cell phone: 0933 943 559 Email thailam@tscovn.com 

[2019/10/2 Update]
●Requirement:Pipe insulation products
●Reference documents:こちら
●Contact:Tran Thi Thu Suong (Ms. Susan) Tel: 84-83-8161956 - Mob: 84-356199045 Email: suongtt@vam.vn

[2019/9/24 Update]
●Company name:PT TOPY PALINGDA Manufacturing Indonesia
●Requirement:Currently we would like expand our CV wheels business in Vietnam and looking for distributors.
●Contact:Mr. Purnomo DIKDOJO +62 267 8638100/Ext 300 purnomo.dikdojo@topypld.co.id

[2019/9/20 Update]
●Company name:株式会社エースフードジャパン
●Requirement:機械加工 (SUS304 相当品で)添付の機械加工お見積りお願いします テストの必要がありますので 数個の施策と分けて積算お願いします
●Reference documents:こちら
●Contact:栗山恵吉 kushigekichi@gmail.com

[2019/7/19 Update]
●Requirement:Welding fixtures suppliers in the automotive sector especially buses. Please send Company Profile
●Contact:Nguyen Thi Van Anh (Ms) [M] (84) 902 160 415 [E] v.anhntv38@vinfast.vn

[2019/1/8 Update]
●Company name:Fortune and Sarah Fashion Limited -- a bag trading company (Québec,Canada )
●Requirement:We are looking for suppliers of handbag/shoulder bag/bead bag made in Vietnam.

[2019/1/14 Update]
●Company name:MALCO CO.,LTD -- (Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam)
●Requirement:We are looking for manufacturer of air compressor in Vietnam.
20 November 2019
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