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Paper Pallet / Cardboard pallet

SKU : #37

Because it is a paper pallet (cardboard pallet), it is extremely lightweight compared to wooden pallets and so on. Since the total weight of the package is reduced, significant transportation cost savings can be expected.

(1) Friendly - Environmental design proposal
(2) Logistics design proposal
(3) Cost design proposal

Our core technology "Ultimate buffer design" makes full use of safe packaging, as well as packing material downsizing, resource saving, loading efficiency improvement, and total packing material logistics cost efficiency proposal. 

Stock in VietNam : Available

- Company name and Link to company :
- Address :
- Plot I-6, Dong Anh Dist
- Business description :
Design development, manufacture and sales of various packaging materials
- Product :
・ Tray for precision parts by vacuum forming
・ Cardboard cushioning material
・ Foam resin cushioning material
・ Paper container
・ Reuse packing box