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Vacuum tray

SKU : #38

It is possible to design to manufacture according to the product. Supports various materials (PP, PS, A-PET), conductive materials, antistatic materials, etc.

● Vacuum tray dedicated factory complete

Eliminates dust that causes static electricity for packaging and transporting light electrical parts and medical devices that require careful handling.

● New clean booth established

We put in a clean booth so that there is no rubbish inside the bag and put it for inspection and packing. Our clean booth cleanliness is class 100,000. An air blower for an ionizer that can remove static electricity has also been added.

Stock in VietNam : Available

- Company name and Link to company :
- Address :
- Plot I-6, Dong Anh Dist
- Business description :
Design development, manufacture and sales of various packaging materials
- Product :
・ Tray for precision parts by vacuum forming
・ Cardboard cushioning material
・ Foam resin cushioning material
・ Paper container
・ Reuse packing box